Losing My Way


Dana White

Back in October 2012 I was ready for one of the biggest changes in my life, moving to Canberra so I could go to university. Five years on it’s safe to say that things haven’t gone to plan.

At the time I was taking the biggest step of my life and normally I wouldn’t have done so, I was used to sitting in my comfort zone and wondering ‘what if’. I was sick of living with regret and thought it was time to move on as I now had new dreams to chase.

I packed the car and took off; readying myself for what I was sure was going to be the best decision of my life but five years on it fair to say that I have really lost my way on this journey.

When I left Wagga I thought I was leaving behind something, something that I had battled for years and my thinking was that I would finally be doing something that I wanted to do and something I was passionate about. I was so sure that by getting a degree I would become the next John Morgan or Ariel Helwani; I also figured that by doing something that I loved my depression would disappear but unfortunately it doesn’t work like that.

The past five years have been filled with heartbreak and disappointment’s, when things got tough I would lock myself away and not want to go out into the world but it gave me something amazing, a beautiful daughter and I wouldn’t change that for the world!

In 2018 I’m looking to go back to where I started, writing about MMA but I am also hoping to expand and write about other things as well. This year I’m no longer just standing by and wishing things to happen, I’m going make them happen.

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Is Dellavedova dirty or just doing what he has to do?

Tomorrow morning at 11:00am Australian Eastern standard time, Australians Andrew Bogut and Matthew Dellavedova will take to the court as The Golden State Warriors take on the Cleveland  Cavaliers in game one of the NBA final series.

For some of you, you will know who Andrew Bogut is but who is this Matthew Dellavedova? The 24 year old Dellavedova hails from Maryborough, Victoria and his path to the NBA has been a bit different. Dellavedova wasn’t a number one draft pick and he isn’t on as much money as Bogut is (Bogut was named Australia’s highest paid athlete by BRW for 2014).

Dellavedova played college basketball at St Marys in California, he was picked up by the Cavaliers as an undrafted free agent and played in the summer league for the them (the summer league is where the draft picks and free agents go to play against one another giving them a taste of the NBA). The Cavaliers signed Dellavedova to a two year 1.3 million dollar contract in September 2013. Dellavedova played 72 games in the 2013-14 season only starting in four games that season and averaged 17.7 minutes per games as the Cavaliers ran 10th in the NBA’s Eastern conference and did not qualify for the  playoffs.

Though the 2014-15 season has been Dellavedovas break out season it didn’t start out that way, with the Australian missing 4-6 weeks with  an MCL sprain. Dellavedova made his comeback in the Cavaliers 110-88 win on December 8th. After the comeback Dellavedova was picked to play in the NBA ‘Rising Stars’ game, an exhibition game that is part of the NBA’s All-Star weekend. He has started in 13 games out of 67 that he has played this season and is averaging 4.8 points per game.
Well enough of the background info and onto the question at hand, is Dellavedova a dirty player? some media and fans have said yes, why? Because he plays hard and is in your face defensively. This has angered and frustrated some opposition, the perfect example being when Al Horford from the Atlanta Hawks was ejected during game three of the Eastern conference finals for dropping an elbow onto Dellavedova. Some people might think that it’s dirty but Dellavedova is just doing what he has to realise his dream of playing in the NBA, it’s hard to make in Australia as a professional athlete imagine what it would be like trying to make it in the US. The good thing is that Dellavedova is not letting what people say change his style.
Good luck to both Bogut and Dellavedova and the rest of the players, if Aussie fans would like to watch the game ESPN Australia on Foxtel will be showing the game.

Mayhem retires, hopefully not lost to the sport

Before he took on C.B. Dollaway at the weekend Jason “mayhem” Miller stated that if he lost the bout he would retire from the sport and unfortunately Dollaway came away with the unanimous decision. The loss was not good for Miller, but any slim chance of him staying with the UFC was dashed when there was an incident involving ‘Mayhem’ backstage after the fight and UFC President Dana White confirmed that they were severing ties with the former ‘Bully Beatdown’ host. MMA fans and media all wondered what the hell Miller could have done, I mean he does seem crazy but I’m sure that he wouldn’t do something that would jeopardise his career? and will we all stewed on what it could be, we only had to wait till his appearance on the MMA hour with Ariel Helwani where a sombre Miller stuck true to his statement and announce that he would retire for now. As for the backstage incident, the only thing that came to Miller’s mind was that UFC  backstage co-ordinator Burt Watson was on his case for his choice of headware (a gas mask and paper bag) on his way to the cage.

I have been a big fan ‘Mayhem’ for a long time, he is a great entertainer and I thought that he was a very underrated fighter (is if he doesn’t stay retired)  he has had some excellent fights and I would beg him to reconsider. If he were to stay out of the cage I hope he would stay associated with the sport in some capacity like a coach or commentator as his knowledge and love for the sport are second to none.

If this is the end thanks for the memories ‘Mayhem’.

Wimp 2 Warrior

As well as an Australian Ultimate Fighter there is going to be another MMA reality shows hitting our screens (hopefully) in the future called Wimp 2 Warrior. Now this show has a different concept, Wimp 2 Warrior will take everyday people and they will spend 6 months training, eating and living the life of a Mixed Martial Artist. At the end they will get to see if all the hard work pays off when they step into the cage with Australian promotion Brace for War. Leading them in their journey is North Sydney gym Platinum Extreme owner and MMA coach Richie Cranny.

This is a great chance for anyone to take part in but it really needs support so I’m keen for everbody to get behind it. If it does become successful, who knows, maybe you will be on the next series?! Until then please check out and like the facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/Wimp2Warrior.

UFC 143 Main Card Predictions

This Saturday night the UFC makes its way the Mandalay Bay Events center in the Fight Capital of the world Las Vegas, Nevada to present to you UFC 143 Diaz vs Condit. Originally meant to be Condit vs St-Pierre, after defeating B.J Penn back at UFC 137 Diaz called out St-pierre saying that he didn’t think he was hurt at all. St-Pierre took offence to this and told Dana White that Diaz was disrespectful and wanted to give Diaz the beating of his life. After hearing this White was happy to give St-Pierre what he wanted thus leaving Condit out of the biggest fight of career. Although things have a way of working out, St-Pierre injured his ACL and was forced out of his clash with Diaz and Condit got his recall to the main event.

While a few fighters have been forced off the card with injuries I am still sure that this will be an exciting card and this is no knock on GSP but I can tell that Condit and Diaz will be an all action thriller. Ok enough of the small talk time to get on to the predictions.

Ed Herman vs Clifford Starkes

After returning from a knee injury people wondered if Ed Herman would be the same, and going by his last two wins he seem to make significant improvements. Herman has always been a game fighter but there were times he didn’t fight with his head it seems times have changed. This will be a good test to see where Starkes is at. He took a unanimous decision against Dustin Jacoby in his UFC debut, a fight he took on two weeks notice so it will be good to see how he goes with a full training camp. While both men’s Primary base is wrestling, I give the edge in Jiu Jitsu to Herman. Both men also have KO and TKO’s on their record but I think that with his experience and how much he has improved since his comeback from injury Herman will win. Herman by submission.

Renan Barão vs Scott Jorgenson

This fight has all the makings to be an instant classic. Both men are just tough scrappers who can win a fight standing or on the ground.Its going to be hard for to pick a winner here. While Barao has the advantage of being the training partner of Jose Aldo and better to train with to become a future Champion. Jorgensen has the advantage of being in a title fight and that experince will help him second to none, and I’m sure that he is keen to get back in the cage with Dominick Cruz. I am a bit worried for Jorgensen because I heard that he is looking past Barao and that can be very dangerous, although he is experienced enough to know what to do when he gets into trouble and I also think that his wrestling will be the key factor. Jorgensen by unanimous decision.

Josh Koscheck vs Mike Pierce

Koscheck better be careful in this fight becuse I don’t think Pierce is going to be the push over he thinks he is going to be. We have senn Koscheck go into cruise control when he thinks has the fight under control (Paulo Thiago anyone) and if that happens Pierce will make him pay. Pierce can not do what he did in the Fitch fight and let Koscheck control the first two rounds and try and win the fight in the third, I do think he is a very capable fighter and he has the tools to beat Koscheck and hopefully with the wig he wore at the weigh ins he is inside Koschecks head. As much as Koscheck is the favourite to win this I think Pierce can cause the upset. Pierce by split decision.

Roy Nelson vs Fabricio Werdum

Who better to welcome Werdum back to the cage then the mullet-sporting ‘Big Country’. We all know that Werdum is a very good fighter but if he tries to pull the same crap he pulled with Overeem Nelson can (and will) make him pay. He has to remember to be to be alert at all times otherwise Nelson will put him to sleep. I know that Nelson has a good ground game but he just has to weary here, Werdum has made some very tough fighters tap and he has the potential to do the same here. I see this being a back and forth match but Nelson will be victories. Nelson by KO

Nick Diaz vs Carlos Condit   

This fight will bring out the best in both men. One has great boxing and Jiu Jitsu and the other’s kickboxing is awesome  and while Condit is a purple belt he does have a number of submission victories and is no slouch in that area. I don’t think this will go to the ground too much and will mainly be a stand up war. Both men have a never say die attitude and its very hard for me to pick a winner. While I really want Condit to win I really can’t go past Diaz. Diaz by unanimous decision.

Ok guys that is all from me I hope that you enjoy the fights and that your favourite fighter comes through with the win and also unscathed and until next time take care.

The Fight Writer


Is Eddie Alvarez UFC or Strikeforce bound?

Last week I was getting ready for the UFC on Fox and doing the usual getting on the websites looking at the pre fight interviews. I was checking out Middle easy.com (be sure to go to their site its a good one) I came across a video of former Bellator Lightweight Champion Eddie Alvarez and it wasn’t until after I watched it that I thought to myself what the hell is Alvarez doing at the UFC open workouts? Well after a bit of searching around the net for answers it turns out that, Mr Alvarez is training for his bout with Japanese submission ace Shinya Aoki at Rashad’s camp the Blackzilians in Florida.

Now this I think is quite the development , why you ask? Well Eddie was at one satge training with UFC Lightweight Champion Frankie Edgar, and I am sure that with being Bellator Champion at the time helped with his decision not to go over to the UFC  and have to face his then training partner. This was also at a time when ZUFFA had not yet purchased Stikeforce and beside a re-match with Aoki it seemed that a fight with Strikeforce Lightweight Champion Gilbert Melendez made the most sense to see who the best Lightweights outside of UFC were. So at the time there seemed to be some big fights for the Bellator Lightweight Champion but then ZUFFA bought Strikeforce and the hopes of getting a match with Melendez went out the window.

Now after losing his title to Micael Chandler, Eddie has decided not to go through the Bellator Lightweight tournament and just focus on big fights like the Aoki one, now outside of Strikeforce and the UFC their really aren’t any big fights for him. If he is either signed to Strikeforce or the UFC  I am sure that we will see some pretty entertaining fights as well as Eddie Alvarez proving that he is definetly a top 10 (maybe even 5) Lightweight.
Below is the interview with Middle easy and also his epic fight with Chandler


UFC 143 Fight Card

The UFC returns for its third show in in three weeks when it presents UFC 143 Condit vs Diaz. The promotion returns to the Madalay Bay Events Center in Las vegas on SuperBowl weekend and what could be better then fights on a Saturday night and football on a sunday (or if you live in Australia Fights Sunday football Monday) and if you are not a fan you should check the game it can be quite the spectacle and also enjoyable.

There will be two facebook fights and the rest of the preliminary fights will be shown on One Hd, and if you haven’t check out the Prime Time series I highly recommend it a very good insight into the talented main eventers.

Preliminary Card (Facebook)

Rafael Natal vs Michael Kupier

Dan Stittgen vs Stephan Thompson

Preliminary Card (One HD)

Matt Brown vs Chris Cope

Alex Caceres vs Edwin Figueroa

Matthew Riddle vs Henry Martinez

Dustin Poirier vs Max Halloway

Main Card (Main Event)

Ed Herman vs Clifford Starkes

Renan Barao vs Scott Jorgensen

Josh Koscheeck vs Mike Pierce

Ry Nelson vs Fabricio Werdum

Nick Diaz vs Carlos Condit

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