Mercer’s Mondayitis

Happy Monday Peeps and welcome to another edition of Mercer’s Mondayitis. Before I launch into a few topics from the world of sport I just want to say how good was the weekend? A few of the bottom teams in both the AFL and NRL really put it all on the line and there were... Continue Reading →


Mercer’s Mondayitis

Welcome to week four of my Mondayitis blog peeps, I hope that you enjoying it so far. I have been really enjoying writing again and posting on my blog consistently, it’s something that I haven’t been able to do but I am really starting to see the benefits again.   So with that little bit... Continue Reading →

Mercer’s Mondayitis

Welcome one and all to week three of Mercer’s Mondayitis, hopefully you’re getting through your Monday ok even if its taken a few cups of coffee to get going like me this morning. There are a few to talk about in this weeks edition, lets get stuck into it shall we!   ‘Joey’ Johns Tops... Continue Reading →

Mercer’s Mondayitis

Happy Monday Peeps and welcome back for 2nd instalment of Mercer’s Mondayitis. I hope you all had a great weekend and that your favourite team/athlete performed well and even came up away with win. Let’s get straight into it.   Return of the King The UFC held a press conference to announce some key match ups... Continue Reading →

Mercer’s Mondayitis

Welcome to the first edition of Mercer’s Mondayitis, an idea that I thought up at the start of the year to get me back into writing but unfortunately I did have a few hiccups at the start of the year which pushed it back to now. I’m hoping to make this a regular thing to... Continue Reading →

My Anxiety

(Photo credit On Wednesday I posted my first article since February (Losing My Way)and to be completely honest I have never been so nervous or sick in my life. It never used to be this way, when I started my blogs I was just looking for something to do while I was injured and couldn’t... Continue Reading →

How The Other Half Lives

(Photo Credit To get an insight to how the rich lived in 80's and 90's you had to watch Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous, in the naughties there was MTV Cribs (Though there were a few episodes that were fake)   or VH1's Lifestyles of the Fabulous.  (Intro for Lifestyles of the Rich and... Continue Reading →

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